<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/79/81/81/22/150408020039.jpg?t=1582655918"><br>This charming house is Puro Southtown. From its colorful kitchen to a verdant (and low maintenance) backyard, it's just what you would expect in vibrant Lavaca. It's the perfect location -- close to restaurants, shops, bars, and downtown San Antonio. The open floor plan includes high ceilings with original cross-flow wooded windows that give great views of the Tower of the Americas. The original hardwood floor was customized underneath with foam insulation that helps keep utilities low. The kitchen includes granite countertops, the original 1920s chimney, and updated appliances. While you cook at night, the Tower Life building glows out the kitchen window. The backyard deck overlooks a yard teeming with native palms and trees reaching sustainable maturity, and the only patch of grass to care for is the shape of Texas surrounded by 2800 pounds of Pecos River limestone. You won't have to spend time tending the yard - instead, explore the neighborhood. Upgrades: new metal roof with 10 yr transferrable warranty, open cell foam insulation under the house, recent wood insect treatment with transferrable warranty, new and modern PVC sewer connections to updated street connections, added granite countertops and open island space, new kitchen backsplash, stripped and stained backyard deck, re-set concrete front porch, and freshly painted.<br>